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As a bet on the development of tools that allow to decrease stocks, that optimize dropshipping, and that reinforce partnerships for effective outsourcing, We have implemented our own online store, “”, which is an Umbrella brand of a set of other digital skills.


Mission, Vision & Values

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With our model we make your business grow

With our business model and policy, we save money in favor of lower profit margins, allowing distributors and end consumers to have better purchasing conditions, thus allowing the purchase of more units.

It is our purpose to have harmony between the entire value chain, from the main supplier, Crunchygalaxy, employees, transporters, distributors, customers, among others, in the use of new technologies.


Strategic Partners in Trading, Marketing, among others

We aspire to be strategic partners in Trading, Consulting, Distribution and Marketing for major global brands. To be recognized as a leader in solutions and management models, transferring knowledge with company employees, as well as, for all those who choose to choose different business models, with a view to reducing fixed costs, through educational content, innovative technologies, methodologies and excellent services.


Our values meet all business areas

Integrity. Trust. Respect. Belief. Humility. Empathy. Evolution. Leadership. Responsibility. Diversity. Quality. Appointment.

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